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MMT Reviews

Michael Mash of Barbell Rehab says

"If you are searching for cutting-edge, high-qualify information about manual therapy, Dr. Erson Religioso at Modern Manual Therapy is your answer. With his prestigious background as a Fellow in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (FAAOMPT), Dr. E successfully integrates concepts such as spinal manipulation with modern pain science to provide a truly "Eclectic" approach to patient care. If you are interested in enhancing your clinical knowledge about manual therapy, I highly recommending making this your go to resource!"

Bob Schroedter says

"I really appreciate your down-to-earth approach to patient care and therapist care. The content you put out shows a genuine commitment and talent in not only education but also in interpersonal communication. You're open and honest and generous with your time and knowledge. How I wish others could follow your lead."

Dan Pope of Fitness Pain Free says

"Your work has been very influential in my own development as a physical therapist. Thanks for all of your work, you definitely serve as a mentor for me both in your work as a physical therapist but also in the way you share information so well on your site. It really is a goldmine and I strive to be on the same level as you."

Jason Shane of Shane Physiotherapy says

"One the most conscientious, knowledgeable, evidence and clinical experience trained therapists that I've ever met. I work as a physical therapist as well and have consulted with him when I have patients with difficult muscle and joint issues. I'd highly recommend seeing him in person or through video consult. "